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Why To Rent Self Drive Cars From Us In Vijayawada?

Easy to book

Effortless booking for your perfect ride.

User Affordability

Budget-friendly options for every journey.

Wide Range of Options

Diverse selection to match your travel needs.


Exceptional service for a seamless rental experience.

Self driven cars offer ultimate convenience to you and your family. Drive them wherever you want; no need to worry about accommodating the driver, and amazing cars in good condition; a self driven vehicle gives you the feeling of driving your own car. However, choosing a self driven car company can be challenging because of the number of options available. 

Are you looking for the best self drive cars to hire in Vijayawada City? Here is your detailed guide that will help you hire a good car. We have listed everything, including the top self driven car providers, what to look for when hiring a self driven car, and how to negotiate to get a good deal.

Read on and learn everything about hiring self driven cars in Vijayawada. 

Self Drive Car Rental Tariff in Vijayawada:

The minimum self drive car rental tariff starts from Rs 150/- to Rs 3000/- depending on the number of hours and the type of car you choose. In Vijayawada City, you will find all exclusive models from standard to luxurious cars such as Swift Dzire, Maruti alto, Honda City, Honda Amaze, Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Xylo, Toyota Liva, Mahindra Scorpio, and many more. 


If you want to rent a self drive cars in Vijayawada airport, simply 

    • Choose any self driven car provider from the list we have shared above.

    • Go on their website or call them to enquire about the available cars. 

    • Provide all the details regarding where you need the car, the time of your landing, and others. 

    • Provide all the documents, such as your driving license and more

    • Submit security and other essential charges, and you’ll get the car.

In addition to this, you can call on the registered number to book your self drive cars. Be sure to provide your driving license to ensure that you are eligible to self drive a car. 

Book Wedding Luxury Car Rentals in Vijayawada:

A wedding is an auspicious occasion for everyone. Couples want to make it more memorable with luxury cars. It is a big day for you, and we are here to make it more special by offering the best luxury car rental in Vijayawada. We have an exclusive collection of luxury cars such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes cabs. You can book luxury cars for a wedding in Vijayawada from us by following simple steps:

    • Visit the self driven car provider’s website or download their app if available.

    • Select the luxury cars for the wedding of your choice 

    • Proceed for quality check and mention the date and venue where you need to get the car

    • Make payment and there you go!:

How To Book VIJAYAWADA Self Drive Cars?

If you want to book a self drive car in Vijayawada city, visit the service provider’s website and follow these steps:

Choose Your Car:

Foremost, you need to choose the car that fits your needs. We have an exclusive variety of cars for self-driving on rent. You can easily find the best models on our website. 

Contact the Self driven Car Provider:

After selecting the card model, contact the registered number of the car provider company to book your rental car. Clarify your information, such as destination, renting date, and time. Ensure to provide your driving license and identity proof. 

Get Your Rental Car:

Once you have filled in all the details, pay for the self drive car booking and get the dental care at your location. 

Start Driving:

Now, enjoy hassle-free driving and explore Vijayawada city and outstations. 


Before you book a self-driving car, be sure to focus on these things:

Car Condition:

First check the condition of the car. It should not be accidental or have any defects. Apart from this, check the condition of the tires and mirrors. Ask the owners about the following details: car model, mileage, oil level, availability of assistance at the roadside, fuel level brakes, lights, and engine, and confirm that the Stepney and tires are fine. 


The next thing you need to ask is the rent of hiring the self-driving car. You can ask for an hourly basis, per day basis, and even days. Check if the car rental fits your budget. While renting a car, you can also ask for additional hidden costs like a security deposit, check liabilities, terms & conditions, damages charges, etc. 


Mileage is also essential to check while renting a car. It helps to decide the fuel consumption of the car while driving. To calculate the car’s mileage, you can divide the kilometers driven by you according to the trip meter by the total fuel used. 

Seating Capacity:

Seating capacity is an essential thing to consider while renting a car. Suppose, you are traveling with friends or family; find cars that can accommodate 4, 5, 6, or 7 people. 

Insurance for Car:

Insurance is a must to check as it helps to cut down the cost of repairing the car in case of accidental damage. So, when renting a car for self-driving, check if the car is fully insured. If not, ask the services provider to offer an insured car. 

What Are the Best Brands/Model Cars to Look For Before Picking Them for Self Driving?

These are some of the top models of cars available to hire on rent for self-driving

Best 7 Seater SUVs and MUVs:

    1. Toyota Innova Crysta 
    2. Toyota Fortuner
    3. Mahindra Scorpio
    4. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Best 5-Seater Compact SUVs:

    • Hyundai Creta 
    • Mahindra XUV 300
    • Maruti Suzuki Brezza

Best 4-seater Compact Cars:

  • Maruti Suzuki Celerio 
  • Hyundai Eon 
  • Hyundai Grand i10
  • Ford Aspire 
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift 

How To Negotiate Rent While Hiring A Car In Vijayawada?

If you think the rent of a vijayawada self drive cars is higher than expected, here are some of the best negotiation tips that help you hire a rental car for a decent amount. 

1. Ask for Discounts:

You can ask for a discount or offer from the self drive rental car services provider. The most frequent recipients of rental car discount coupons are personnel of the armed forces, employees of the federal government, and business owners. Some companies offer a family trip discount so that you can ask the service provider for a family rental car discount. 

2. Rent a Car During Off-Peaks:

Renting a car during off-peak is the best way to get a self drive rental car at the lowest possible price. The demand for a rental car during the off-peak is low, which is why agencies can provide you with a rental car off-budget. 

3. Stay on Your Stand:

It is expected the self drive rental car provider may refuse to offer a discount, but you can stand your ground and ask for a counteroffer or negotiate further to get a car at the lowest price. 

4. Look For Small Self Drive Rent Companies:

Alternatively, you can look for smaller self drive rental companies that can provide you with a car on your budget.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring VIJAYAWADA Self Drive Car:

If you planned to get vijayawada self drive cars, then you should know that there are both advantages and disadvantages on renting a car. Please check both and if you are happy with them, then only hire a car from any self drive cars available near your location.

Advantages of Hiring a Self Drive Car:

  • Self-driving cars give you security. 
  • Renting a self-driving car offers the flexibility of driving at your own pace.
  • You have complete privacy and drive at your convenience 
  • You can choose your routes to drive a car 
  • Comfortable to drive

Disadvantages of Hiring a Self Drive Car:

  • You need to pay extra charges for self-driving car.
  • You have to follow strict terms and conditions which might not be in your favor.

What are My Qualifications to Hire A Self Drive Car?

You have to qualify to follow things to hire a self drive car


The age of the person must be at least 18 years old or above. 

Driving License:

The person who wants to rent a car must have a permanent driving license or learning license. 

ID Proof:

A person must have ID proof such as an Addahar card, Driving license, passport, and others. 

No Traffic Related Case:

The person who wants to rent a self-driving car doesn’t have traffic-related active cases. 

Payment Methods

To pay rent, check what type of payment method you opt for. 

Is Zoom Cars Best to Hire in Vijayawada City?

Zoom Cars is a user-friendly and reliable platform for hiring rental cars for self-driving in Vijayawada City. They offer the most affordable rental cars and have many luxurious car models at decent tariffs. Also, the process of hiring a car is smooth. Moreover, they conduct a strict quality check before handing the car to the customers. 

Zoom Car Vs. Private Self Drive Cars Which is Better?

Zoom cars are a better alternative to hiring the best self-driving cars than private self-driving cars. Here are a few reasons why Zoom Cars are best for hiring self-driving cars. 

  • Zoom cars offer complete privacy and let you enjoy your tip in your way.
  • Zoom cars ensure strict quality checks before handing a self-driving car to their customers. Therefore, you can ensure complete safety. 
  • Self-driving cars from Zoom Cars are cost-effective and available to you at fewer prices as compared to private self drive cars.
  • Zoom Cars are fully insured, and there are no hidden charges. 


What happens if I damage a self-driving car?

If you damage a self drive car, you have to pay for the damage. The charges depend on the damage that happens to the car.

Which is better? To rent a car for a week or month?

If you do not plan to stay for a month, renting a car for a week and extending it later would be beneficial. However, if you stay here for more than two months, it is great to hire a car for a month as it cuts down the cost of hiring a car every week. 

How to pick up a self drive car from a travel/company?

Self drive rental car companies provide you with cars in your desired locations. The drivers will deliver the car to the registered destination. 

How do I deliver the self drive car to the company?

You have to return or deliver the car to the given fleet or mentioned office. 

How can I get rental cars for cheap at the last minute?

Negotiate with a self drive rental car services provider or compare the prices of different service providers to get a self drive rental car at cheap rates. 

Bottom Line:

Hiring self drive cars in Vijayawada is an excellent option to enjoy your trip with complete privacy and convenience. However, before hiring a self drive car for rent, proceed with quality checks and the picking and delivery option offered by the rental car services provider. 

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